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TRex is a toolbox for tomography reconstruction using proximal algorithms. It is based on the ASTRA Toolbox (version 1.7.1beta) and works under Linux and Windows. The backend is written in C++ and the frontend can be used from Matlab. As of version 1.0, it only supports 2D CPU reconstructions.

TRex v1.0 extends ASTRA in many ways:

  • Adds the following algorithms [1]:
    • BICAV (Block Iterative Component Averaging)
    • BSSART (Block Simplified SART)
    • OS-SQS (Ordered Subset Separable Quadratic Surrogates)
  • Fixes some issues and bugs with release 1.7.1beta of ASTRA
  • Adds implementations for the proximal operators of these algorithms for Gaussian noise (Least Squares) and Poisson noise (Weighted Least Squares):
    • ART
    • SART
    • BICAV
    • OS-SQS
  • Adds implementation of (Linearized) Altenating Direciton Method of Multipliers (ADMM) for two data terms
    • Least Squares (LS)
    • Weighted Least Squares (WLS)
          and three priors
    • Anisotropic Total Variation (ATV)
    • Isotropic Total Variaiton (ITV)e
    • Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD)


  • June 2016: Version 1.0 available online.

Source Code

Project's page on github.


If you find the toolbox useful, please cite the paper [1] below.


[1] Mohamed Aly, Guangming Zang, Wolfgang Heidrich, Peter Wonka. TRex: A Tomography Reconstruction Proximal Framework for Robust Sparse View X-Ray Applications. arXiv preprint (2016). [pdf]